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Palio della Rana- Frog Race with Wheelbarrows | Print |  E-mail

Siena is famous for its Palio race every July and August. However, there is another Palio race in Italy that takes place the Sunday after Easter. This one is the Palio della Rana - a frog race with wheelbarrows. This is absolutely hysterical!

Where: Fermignano, in the Marche region of Italy about 10km from Urbino
When: April 11th, 2010

This tradition dates back to Montefeltro in 1607, when Fermignano became independent from Montefeltro. Young men run wheelbarrows through town each with a single frog on it. The runners represent each of the districts of the town. If the frog jumps off, you must stop pick him up & keep on running. The race is approximately 170 meters long. Everyone is dressed in classic medieval costumes. There is music, fireworks, tons of food, an air show, ancient craftsmen and a parade through town with lords & ladies, knights, flag bearing attendants & dramatic drums!

Cuisine: During the race fried-style frogs legs are available to quench your hunger!


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