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Written by Larry Aiello   

There was a special that just aired on RAI television, Italy's main television network, about the brave firefighters in Italy.  Many modern-day firefighting techniques go back to the days of ancient Rome.

Here is an interesting fact:  The number of fire-related deaths per million in Italy is 2, well below the European average of 7 to 8.

Pictured below is the "Vigili del Fuco" or a firefighter's vehicle.  The Italian phone number 115 is the phone number to dial (similar to 911 in the United States) for fire-related emergencies.  Hopefully you will never have to dial that number if you should ever visit Italy for vacation.  Let's take our hats off to the brave firefighters in Italy for the excellent job that they do each and every day.

picture of Italian firefighter car



+1 #1 Miki Okabe 2011-11-30 01:07
Italian firefighters do the good job, because they care about the people very much. They have great courages and warm hearts after all. :-)

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