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Written by Larry Aiello   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 01:42

If you want to visit any casinos in Italy, you will have to travel to the northern part of the country, where all of the current land casinos are located.  There used to be one in Taormina, Sicily, (southern Italy) but that closed in the late 1960's.

The largest casino in Italy is the Casino' de la Vallée.  It is located approximately 90 kilometers from Turin.  It is one of the newer casinos in Italy, and consists of 512 slot and video poker machines - learn more about real money blackjack - 96 table and poker games, a restaurant, and even a hotel.   Games include Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Chemin de Fer, Craps, Poker, Punto Banco, Roulette (American, English and French) and Trente Quarante.

Location:  Via Italo Mus Valle d’Aosta, 1
Saint Vincent, Italy, 11027
Tel. +39 1665 221

Directions to Casino' de la Vallée: Take Highway A5 Torino-Aosta, exit Saint-Vincent, Chatillon. Turn right towards the center of Saint-Vincent, and follow the signs to the Casino.

Hours:  Slots - 14:00 - 02:00 Sun - Fri, til 03:00 on Sat / Tables 15:00 - 02:00 Sun - Fri, til 03:00 Sat

Italian vocabulary lesson
Note:  In Italian the word casino' (gambling casino) with the accent on the last syllable, is different from casino, which is a slang term that can mean brothel, but also can mean a state of mass confusion, what a mess, etc.



+1 #2 Mat 2011-10-17 23:06
Me and my wife have been to Casino' de la Vallée thru an invitation of a friend working as an executive in that casino.

The place is very beautiful and the setting is really apt for the purpose though I would say I am not a gambler by nature.
+1 #1 Punto Banco Bacarat 2011-08-19 01:23
You really know your Italian casinos don't you. Too bad about the casino name confusion - how embarassing that cold be..

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