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Anguilla alla Milanese (Eels) | Print |  E-mail

Anguilla alla Milanese (Eels)

Ingredients: Eels, butter, flour, stock, bay leaves, salt, pepper,
Chablis wine, a mixture of vegetables cut into small pieces

Cut up a big eel and fry it in two ounces of butter, and when it is a good colour add a tablespoonful of flour, about half a pint of stock, a glass of Chablis, a bay leaf, pepper, and salt, and boil till it is well cooked. In the meantime boil separately all sorts of vegetables, such as carrots, cauliflower, celery, beans, tomatoes, &c. Take out the pieces of eel, but keep them hot, whilst you pass the liquor which forms the sauce through a sieve and add the vegetables to this. Let them boil a little longer and arrange them in a dish; place the pieces of eel on them and cover
with the sauce. It is most important that the eels should be served very hot.



0 #1 Addicted2Italy 2011-08-19 01:21
This recipe will also work for other types of fish as well! Buon appetito!

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