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After Christmas and Easter, the most important holiday in Italy is Ferragosto.  It is the day when Roman Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary ascended into heaven, and It has roots going back to ancient Roman culture.  It is also a holy day of obligation in Italy.

Today, Ferragosoto is a major Italian mid-summer celebration.  All of the cities will be empty - Italians will be at the beach, preparing for the night’s feast, fireworks, festivities, etc.



0 #3 Tony Freeman 2011-10-16 14:28
Five years ago, I was in Italy for a business trip and I happened to personally saw how people in Italy celebrated Ferragosto.

Though religious nature, people are celebrating the festivity even outside of the confine of the church.
0 #2 Apple 2011-09-29 04:04
I was born a Catholic and my parents were strict in the observance of the church's holidays and religious events.

Here in my country, we do celebrate the Ascension though there is no feverish celebration like that of Italy.

I would love to experience Ferragosto someday.
+1 #1 Addicted2Italy 2011-08-19 02:03
Of course watermelon, or "anguria" in Italian is in season, so that will be a very popular item at Italian picnics. In southern regions of Italy, watermelon is known as "melone".

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