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An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

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Italian lessons Testimonials

"Hello Larry! I just want to tell you that your website was very helpful in me finding some information on how to get around Italy, and it also motivated even more to go there!"
From Esther in Brazil

"Hello Professore Larry I have been taking your basic lessons for a few days and have learned tons...the reason for my post is I was wondering if you were going take on a second and third level to add to this basic course? I will be your most faithful studente if you do. Grazie millie for what you have done so far and I look forward to hearing from you."
From Steve in Colorado

"...and of course, I have to thank Larry for the free lessons, they helped me a lot, grazie mille!!! Ciao a tutti!"
From Antonio Reyes

"I recently subscribed to the lessons and received your PDF. They are proving to be a real help supplementing the study I am already doing with [other] CDs. While he's good with grammar, your lessons cover all of the missing gaps and cover the important basic grammar rules, so they are really working well together."
From Chris in the UK

"Thank you so much for your free Italian lessons  and all the wonderful information for learning about Italian. My wife and I  love it all!"
From Dennis & Marsha Innocente


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