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2011 Autumn in Italy | Print |  E-mail
Written by Larry Aiello   
Friday, 16 September 2011 14:35
What can you expect if you are planning a trip to Italy for the Fall of 2011?  Well, for one thing, the autumn season is probably the best time to visit Italy, for the following reasons:

  • Airlines often will lower their fares - Alitalia just announced a special to Italy
  • The big crowds of summer disappear
  • Weather is still pleasant, especially in September and October
  • Fall fashion in high gear, especially Milan, Florence and Rome
  • Food festivals such as wines, truffles, chocolate, chestnuts and mushrooms

What will the weather be like in Italy?
If you are looking for beach weather in Italy in September, you should plan on visiting the southern Italian beaches in Sicily and Calabria. As you go further inland, or up north, the weather will tend to be cooler. In October the days get shorter, and the mornings start out crisp and cool, but the days warm up pretty nicely.

November rains in Italy
November is one of Italy's rainiest months, especially in the northern parts. This is typically when you find the acqua alta in Venice, which is known for its occasional flooding during high tides. However, November also brings some sunny days as well. Toward the latter part of November and early December, many parts of Italy, especially north of Florence will experience their first snows. See the weather table below:


Fall Festivals in Italy

This is a great season for festivals - especially the food festivals.  Chestnuts are very popular in Italy, so you will find many chestnut festivals in October, one of the more popular one being in Sardinia.  Even halloween in Italy is becoming more popular.  Some of the better festivals include:

Therefore, if you ever wanted to travel to Italy, don't let the cooler weather keep you at bay.  There are many great reasons to visit Italy in the Fall, all you have to do is book your trip!  Buon Viaggio.

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0 #6 Timothy 2011-10-14 03:39
Sicily and Calabria can offer the best beaches in Italy according to one of my close friends who already visited the two places.

Hopefully, next year I would be able to savor the place and what they can offer.

Will take note of your advice to visit on the fall as I detest crowded beaches .
+1 #5 Addicted2Italy 2011-10-05 22:41
thank you everyone for the compliments
+2 #4 Albert 2011-10-05 12:03
I am on your e-mail list and saw your blog info. The last 2 times I was in Italy, it was in the fall. You are so right about going then. We went from late Sept.- Oct and avoided the rainy weather. It was beautiful with the leaves changing and the temperature was perfect. The crowds had left and the Italians were less stressed by tourists. I can't wait to go back.
+2 #3 Erin 2011-10-04 01:16
Great information - grazie!
+2 #2 Francis Go 2011-09-29 03:02
I have been travelling all around Europe in the course of my job as an international representative of a multinational company and I was in Italy for around four times already. And never once did Italy disappoint me.

The place is really gorgeous and the culture as well as people are all amazing. Well, not to mention the cuisine which never fail to astound me.

As I also hate crowds of people, fall is definitely the best to visit Italy and there are so many perks thrown along the way.
+1 #1 Nick 2011-09-16 18:06
I can not agree any more, I visited last fall and it was totally beautiful trip.

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