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Italian Serie A soccer schedule 2011-2012 | Print |  E-mail
Written by Larry Aiello   
Saturday, 10 September 2011 15:00

Italians are very passionate about their soccer or "calcio", as it is part of their tradition and culture and has been for many years. And finally, after much anticipation, the soccer season is about to get underway.

Here is the schedule the Serie A professional Italian soccer league for the 2011-2012 season.  Note, because of the player strike, the games for the first week will be rescheduled at a later point.  Yes, just as we saw in the United States NFL, billionaires can have disputes with millionaires.

The schedule is in Excel so you can sort and filter by date, team, etc.

It is on my Skydrive account - here is the link for the Serie A 2011-2012 soccer schedule.





0 #9 Addicted2Italy 2011-11-17 02:15
Ciao Claudia,

During that time frame the Euro2012 championship will be taking place in Poland. That will be exciting to watch the best European teams compete. In my mind, it is the second best tournament behind the World Cup.

0 #8 Claudia 2011-11-16 17:31
Is there a playoff schedule. I was due to come from the united states in July but REALLY want to see an Italian football game. Can you let me know what my options are for June, July or august.
0 #7 Agatha 2011-10-05 04:06
Whoa! It is time to enjoy our national pastime sport soccer.

I am rooting for Bologna and I believe these guys will be kicking high this year. By the way, I don't understand the need for a strike can't they not at least talk the problems with themselves?

Go go go!
0 #6 Addicted2Italy 2011-10-01 17:58
By the way, my favorite team is Palermo, even though I can't stand their uniforms. I don't think pink should be allowed in any sporting event uniform. But I have to root for them because that is where my mother is from.
0 #5 Addicted2Italy 2011-10-01 17:57
hey Angie,

I updated the excel file to include the start times for the soccer games. The times are shown in Italian time, and in NY Time.
+1 #4 Gary V. 2011-09-28 08:39
Quoting Angie Chaffe:
My favourite team is AC Milan I should be rooting for Napoli as we come from that area.

We have the same team, Angie. We should really hoped for the best of this team...go go go!
+2 #3 Angie Chaffe 2011-09-22 20:22
My favourite team is AC Milan I should be rooting for Napoli as we come from that area.
+1 #2 Addicted2Italy 2011-09-19 22:09
Thank you for the compliments Angie. I'll see what I can find, and comment back on this thread when it's complete. By the way, who is your favorite team? Larry
+2 #1 Angie Chaffe 2011-09-19 17:05
I love the schedule that you provide, but is it possible to list the times that they play as well?
That would be most apprecited.
Thanking you in advance

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