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Written by Matteo Caloiaro   
Sunday, 06 November 2011 21:25

The idea of family vacations has drastically changed over the years, as going to an amusement park or your uncle’s cabin up north is no longer every family’s idea of a fun vacation.  Times change, people change, even cities change.  So why settle for a mundane vacation, when you can travel to Italy experience and vacation that you will never forget?

The Italian culture has long been sought after and one that has been mimicked for centuries.  The thing is, the only way for you to experience Italy is by actually going there and spending time in the wonderful country.  It won’t take you long to figure out why Italy is the perfect destination for fun filled family vacations, fun loving couples, and honey moons, among others.  And being that children are considered part of the mainstream culture in Italy, there are many activities for them as well.

Italy has so much to offer that it is an ideal location for families who enjoy music, delicious food, friendly people, cultural, natural beauty, and more.  Italian vacations will be as fun as you make them to be, there are so many things to do that’s it up to you.  From beautiful private and public beaches (Italy's best beaches), exciting night life, modern marvels and amusement parks to historic art pieces,  roman artifacts, shopping centers and wonderful restaurants, Italy has what you’re looking for, no matter what it may be.

Gardaland, Italy's largest amusement parkA great amusement park for the kids is Gardaland, the largest theme-park in Italy.  It is a Disney-style complex with an Italian flair.  The park's mascot is Prezzemolo (Italian lesson - this means: Parsley), a friendly green dinosaur.  The park also has some rollercoasters, water rapids, etc.  Great fun for the whole family. It is about 100km from Venice.  To get there, take highway A4 towards Vicenza and look for Lago di Garda. From Milan, it is about 150km.

Family vacations in Italy are unique, no matter if you are admiring the Duomo in Florence, (pictured below) tossing coins and making wishes at the Trevi Fountain, or a personal favorite, learning how to make real Italian pizza from the masters themselves.  Head to Venice’s Piazza San Marco and chase pigeons and explore one of the most famous towns in the world.  Exploring the ancient caves that are underneath Orvieto offers great fun for a family and spending quality time at the ancient Colosseum is an experience that one cannot explain.

There are also many great parks in Italy with plenty of green spaces, especially in the larger cities of Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin.  The smaller cities will not have as much green space.

Picture of the Duomo in FlorenceDepending on the age of your child, some of the famous museums such as the Uffizzi Galleries in Florence may not be that appealing.  However, Florence has some excellent museums geared towards children such as the Children's Museum of Florence and the Museo di Storia della Scienza (Museum of the History of Science) - now known as Museo Galileo.

The Italian capital of Rome is sure to impress even the most stubborn child and teenager.   It’s a great getaway, with plenty to do like explore the the bone decorated Santa Maria della Concezione, or the many ice cream shops and restaurants that scatter the city.  One thing is certain: Rome offers fun for anyone, regardless of age.  The many districts offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family and it’s very easy to spend an entire week here and realize that you still haven’t done everything there is to do.

When your family is considering your next fun filled vacation, the choice is clear: Italy is the place you want to be.  The country is waiting for you to come and make it your own adventure land.  The people are friendly and will make you feel like you’re in your home away from home.  They are proud of their rich culture and heritage and are glad to help you experience it for yourself.  So what are you waiting for?  The food will be hot and fresh upon your arrival!


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