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Arrivederci Berlusconi! Italian Prime Minister steps down | Print |  E-mail
Written by Larry Aiello   
Monday, 14 November 2011 01:10

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's most powerful prime minister and longest-lasting since Musolini, decided to step down earlier today amid the economic crisis that has surfaced in Europe, which recently saw the resignation of Greek Prime Minister Papandreou.

Berlusconi, Italy's richest man, a media mogul who owns television networks, newspapers, advertising agency, and even the Italian soccer team AC Milan.

Born in Milan, he made a fortune in the media business, but first made his money from the real estate boom in Milan in the early 1960's.

He started his political career about 17 years ago, and served as Italian Prime Minister three times.  His career has been marked with extreme popularity, flamboyance, controversy and even sex scandals.

"Vattene Berlusconi!" – "Get outta here Berlusconi!"

Many in Rome celebrated the news as Berlusconi has been blamed for the current economic crisis.

So who will be the next prime minister for Italy?  Many believe it will be Mario Monti, a former member of the European Commission.  Monti studied at Bocconi University (Milan) and Yale University in the United States.  He earned the nickname of "Super Mario" during his second stint at the commission.  We shall see if Super Mario Monti can get Italy back on track to economic reform and get back to its reputation as an economic power for the European continent.

There will be an election, probably in January 2012 to determine the next Italian Prime Minister.




0 #1 Brad 2012-03-25 17:27
He did some really good things for the country but it was time that the government moves in a different direction I believe.

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