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Written by Larry Aiello   

Rome is known for its many fountains, but the most famous is the Trevi Fountain which was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1732.  It was actually completed in 1762.

It is a baroque style fountain that actually is located at the intersection of 3 streets (Tre Vie).  This is the location where aqueducts supplied water to ancient Rome.

It is has been the focal point of many famous Italian films including "Three coins in a fountain", "Roman holiday", and "La dolce vita", Federico Fellini's satirical portrait of Rome that took place in the 1950’s.

The fountain stands about 85 feet tall, and about 65 feet wide.   It has an undeniable beauty, probably the most beautiful in the whole world. Legend has it if you throw three coins over your shoulder with your back to the fountain, that your wish will come true and you will return to Rome.

Trevi Fountain in Rome



0 #2 addicted2italy 2012-03-05 11:42
thanks for responding Nadia,

Yes, definitely bring your camera! the fountain is absolutely beautiful.

0 #1 Nadia 2012-03-05 02:02
What a beautiful fountain, I think is a very important place to visit when I go to Italy in two weeks, I´ll definitely take lots of pictures.

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