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Written by Matteo Caloiaro   

Rome is one of the most wonderful places in the world, and by taking a walk through its many cities or by vacationing in one of its many resorts, you can’t help but notice the ancient history of the area and how much Rome has influenced other cultures throughout the years.

Foto di Trastevere sezione di Roma Trastevere (from Latin meaning beyond the Tiber River) is one of the more well known and popular districts, as it is a picturesque medieval town located right on the Tiber rivers west bank.  It is an entertainment district and offers many things to do, while remaining relatively untouched by the modernism that has surrounded it for years.

There are a number of Americans and other cultures in the area as there are two American universities in the area.  Trastevere is easily accessible by train, bus, and tram so getting there will be no problem at all.

Getting to Trastevere

Take Bus H from Termini Station or Tram 8 from Piazza Argentina and there is also a train service from Leonardo da Vinci airport.

The city is full of Baroque architectures, unique bars and pubs, café’s, clubs, restaurants, etc.  The night life you can experience here is like no other in all of Rome.  There is even a flea market, known as Porta Portese, for you to check out on Sunday morning.  In the center of Trastever is Piazza di Santa Maria, which is a pedestrian filled piazza full of nice restaurants and upscale bars, shopping centers, and even the well known church, Santa Maria.  Big Momma is Rome’s own House of Blues and there are many local, national, and international artists that can be seen here.  You can venture toward the beautiful central fountain to see a variety of street performers, such as jugglers and musicians.  The fountain is a popular hangout for the younger crowd and college students alike, so you will see a variety of people blending together which is always nice to see.

One thing you need not worry about is getting lost in Trastevere, in fact, it’s highly recommended!  By losing your way among the narrow and winding streets, you can stumble upon a treasure you wouldn’t have found otherwise.  While most cities and streets are being upgraded and re-paved every day, the streets (sampietrini) are relatively untouched, to preserve the unique culture of the ciy.  The della Scala may look plain and rather uninteresting, but once you step inside you will see that it houses remarkable paintings like the Beheading of St. John and the Death of the Virgin.  The church was also used as a hospital during the 19th century for soldiers that were wounded while fighting the French.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, great shopping, exquisite food, or wonderful sights to see, Trastevere has everything you need to make a memorable and enjoyable vacation, regardless of the time of year.  Before you leave, you must cross the pedestrian bridge (Ponte Sisto) roam the streets to the north of Viale Trastevere and the more quiet streets south. One thing is certain; there is no other place in Rome quite like Trastevere anymore!


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