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Written by Larry Aiello   
Thursday, 19 January 2012 02:29

I was just watching the news tonight on the Italian television (RAI International), and they were talking about the Concordia Disaster that happened off the coast of Giglio, Tuscany.  

Dangerous Work

We really have to take our hats off to the folks that are assisting in the recovery efforts.  They are risking their lives to look for survivors.   The waters are cold and dark.  They have to deal with all the chemicals, debris, etc. from the ship.  The rescuers can not even see their hand in front of their face.  In addition, the ship has recently moved about a meter and a half (4.5 feet).  They showed that it is wedged on a type of sandbar on the floor of the sea, and they are afraid that the sandbar could give, and that the whole ship could end up submerged.  Think of the environmental consequences of such an event, if that should occur.  

How to get the ship out of the water

RAI television news showed a scenario on how they can get the ship out of the water.  They showed gigantic balloons that would prop the ship up on the submerged side, and then have it towed back into port.

It's ironic, in my earlier post, Italy in Review 2011, I posted about the challenges that Italy went through last year with natural disasters, etc.  And now they have another unfortunate circumstance to overcome.

As of right now, the number missing from a Yahoo! report is at 29, and the Captain of the ship is under house arrest.  

Let's take time to pray for the families of those that may have lost a loved one.  And also let's take this time out to thank all the people that help the general public that risk their lives everyday such as firemen, policemen, emergency workers, those that serve our military, etc.




0 #5 Addicted2Italy 2012-02-12 22:00
Thank you posting Meldah!
I agree with you, he was a coward. And he said he "fell" into the lifeboat, which is why he was not the last one on the ship. I hope he is in jail a long time too!

0 #4 meldah speight 2012-02-12 21:48
this man the captain,created this disaster he proved to be a coward and totally incompetant,sav ed himself and left the passengers to fend for themselves,he was trying to impress the moldovian woman sharing his cabin what does his wife think of him now ,hes a narcisstic,supe rficial womaniser,lets hope he rots in prison and justice is done.
0 #3 Addicted2Italy 2012-02-03 03:07
Thanks for posting Ema,

It's hard to believe that he said those rocks were not on the map. Those are waters that are well known and have mapped since Roman times.

Have a good day!
+1 #2 Ema Carriquiry 2012-02-02 20:04
What really fascinated me is this captain Schettino....I follow this Concordia disaster from the beginning, I'm not Italian..but I watch the RAI( Porta a Porta...)they are very detailed en they have enough specialists in this matter. So I wait the conclusions from procurator, etc...
0 #1 Addicted2Italy 2012-01-21 13:02
Now there is a video on RAI that shows one of the crew members telling everyone to get back to their cabins, that the problem was an electrical one with a generator, and that everything was under control. This was about 40 minutes after the ship hit the rock and was taking in water.

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