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Written by Jeanette Kramer   
Sunday, 22 January 2012 14:44

Hey everyone, I'm excited to have a guest blogger for this post giving a little different spin on a different accommodation option, one that is often overlooked, and can help save you money when you visit Italy.  The end of the post is some contact information so you can get a promotion code.
Larry Aiello

Where to stay in Italy is a question asked by every traveler everywhere.  The standard accommodation offerings include hotels, bed & breakfast, hostels, campsites, villa/apartment rentals and homestays.

CampusX a dormitory accomodation in ItalyOne excellent option, which is not talked about enough, is dormitory and residence accommodations in Italy.  While usually reserved for students only, universities and campuses across the world often open up this accommodation to travelers during the summer break.  The latest and greatest in residential accommodation, open year-round to travelers and international students in Italy, is the beautiful and modern CampusX.

CampusX's new residential complexes are located in Rome, Chieti and Bari, Italy. Beyond the traditional dormitory, CampusX units are contemporary and bright, and comfortably accommodate one or 2 occupants. Each room is furnished with 1 or 2 beds, kitchenette, private bathroom, desk, closet and large window.  On-site, the campus offers a cafeteria & snack bar, library for studying, leisure rooms, study halls, spaces for activities and sports, a semi-Olympic-size pool, fitness centre and sauna, outdoor common areas, Wi-Fi internet access throughout the campus, laundry services (token-style) and a video surveillance system to guarantee the safety and security of the guests. This affordable, progressive and clean accommodation is available for short and long-term stays and is suitable for backpackers, students, couples, families, tourists, anyone!

Promotion prices start at 35 Euro/night and are available through Latitude International Education Consulting. Contact info(@) for a promotion code and "Goda del vostro soggiorno in Italia!".

Thanks and have a nice day!

Jeanette Kramer

Jeanette Kramer is an international education consultant and photographer (view her photography blog) working for Latitude International Education and is based out of Vancouver, British-Columbia in Canada.  You can follow her on twitter @jeanettekramer.



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