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What kind of weather can I expect in Italy?

When planning a trip to Italy one of the most common questions that people ask is "what kind of weather can I expect?" Although Italy has recently made the headlines (winter 2012) for being immersed in snow storms, the boot shaped country is usually blessed by a mild climate making it a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Due to the geographic landscape of the country, weather in Italy differs from region to region.

Northern Italy

The mountainous alpine ranges of the North are typically covered in snow and have very low temperatures throughout the winter months making them popular destinations for skiing and other winter sports. During the summer months the climate is pleasant with continental type weather prevailing over the northern regions of Italy. Rainfall tends to he higher in the mountains of the north.

Central Italy

Image of the beach at Cefalu' SicilyWinter months are generally quite cold and wet. In fact, the central part of Italy is humid throughout the year, both in the colder winter months and during the high temperatures of the summer. During the summer months temperatures rise considerably and are generally at their hottest in July and August.  With many miles of coast-line, Italy is the perfect spot for a beach-vacation, like you see at the beach in Cefalu' Sicily on the right. 

Southern Italy

Due to the hot, dry winds that come from the African continent (called Scirocco) across the Mediterranean sea, southern Italy enjoys a warmer climate than the Northern regions. Winters are generally mild and summers very hot with temperatures that reach into the high 40's (over 104°F). Summer droughts and water shortages are not uncommon especially in the deep south.

The Islands

The island of Sardinia is located off the central coast of Italy in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It has mild winters and hot summers.

One of the larger islands in Europe, Sicily enjoys good weather throughout the year thanks to its southerly position. During the summer months the island has some of the most elevated temperatures in all of Italy.

Best time to visit Italy

Although a popular tourist destination all year round, Spring is the best time to visit Italy as normally offers the most comfortable and pleasant weather for visiting sites. However if you're into winter sports like skiing, December to April is best.

Although summer showers do happen they tend to be over quite quickly. As autumn approaches and it moves into the winter months the amount of rain you can expect grows larger, especially in November.

Sea breezes have a warming effect on the coasts during the winter and help to make the heat tolerable during the hottest summer months.

Italy Weather Travel Tip

Wherever you stay, whether it is a hotel or in one of the many comfortable Rome apartments, make sure you pack the appropriate clothing for whatever season you are traveling. Especially during the November rainy season, you will need an umbrella and some rain gear.

This would ensure that you can still head out and explore the stunning scenery and destination in this place even if the weather is not good. You wouldn't want to have your holidays ruined just because of the bad weather right? So make sure to keep this tip in mind so you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in Italy.


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