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Written by Larry Aiello   

Florence shows all the greatness of Italy.

Figuring out what to see in Florence is often difficult, since there is so much art, beauty and history all wound up in one place.

In fact, if I had an opportunity to select a city that is the most worthy for any visitor in Italy to see, then I would choose Florence.  Also known as Firenze, its position for art and culture, has become famous for its excellence in leather and silk goods, fashions, great cuisine, beautiful parks, tourism and also known for warm and friendly citizens. The rolling Tuscan hills surround the valley, where Florence is situated, its location being in the heart of the Tuscany central region. It takes about one hour from Pisa and three hours by train traveling north of Rome.

Getting around Florence

An aerial view of Florence ItalyYou can go anywhere by foot though Florence has commendable bus facility. Taking a stroll along the Ponte Vecchio or the "Old Bridge" will make you feel great. This bridge is not only the oldest bridge in Florence, it might possibly be from the Etruscan period. It has been repaired  number of times through the centuries and has also been under controversy.   Because he believed this bridge to be so stunning, one German general ignored orders to destroy it during one of the World Wars. You have only jewelers operating on the bridge now whereas in the olden days, you had scores of butcher shops. Watching artists making sketches and window shopping at a time is one of the social points in town.

Shopping in Florence

Via Tornabouni is another amazing shopping destination where you can find popular boutiques like armani, Versace, Fendi and Gucci. Markets of San Lorenzo and Parco delle Cascine are the better markets for Florence where you can get some excellent leather and silk bargains.

Florentine Art

The legacy of the great painters like Michelangelo Buonarotti, Dante Allighieri, Niccolo' Machiavelli is visible here as it was their home town.   Michelangelo's  famous statue of David, that was completed by the famous sculptor at the age of 26 back in the early 1500's when others had rejected the marble block saying that it was imperfect, is displayed in the Accademia di Belle Arti (aka "Academy of Fine Arts"). David is considered an Israelite shepherd boy emerging victorious in a battle improbable against the mighty Goliath, according to the Bible. The amazing creation "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, enjoys the place of pride in Uffizzi Galleries, which is Europe's third largest museum.

Florentine Cooking and Cuisine

Lovely and delectable desserts, gelato (ice cream) and mouth-watering cuisine are the pride of Florence and you can always locate a good restaurant nearby. [View the history of gelato].  You cannot afford to miss the taste of some risotto with beefsteak, a florentine specialty in the city.   Just like in the rest of Italy, here too you can discover amazing pasta dishes.   Tuscany, lying at the center of the Chianti region, has an abundance of wine selections to savor.  Read more food and wine advice for Tuscan travel.

The parks of Florence, Italy

One of the most beautiful parks in all of Europe is the Boboli Gardens, belonged once to a feudal king, situated at just South of the Arno River. The area covers more than 100 acres of stunning well-groomed gardens and tree-lined walking paths.  One can also find a roman amphitheater that is used for staging plays in summer. You have an excellent view of the city from atop a hill.

The Duomo of Florence

The Duomo of Florence ItalyOne of the great signature sights of the city sky-line is the gothic-style Duomo, or the Cathedral, which was started in 1296 by Filippo Brunelleschi.  In fact, it is one of the 4 best churches in Italy to visit.

Great people, food and art - all one looks for are available in an Italian vacation in Florence, to be precise. You will be taken in by the charm of the city very soon.  It is a town that is quaint and will win your heart, and not overpower you like the cities of Rome and Milan, each of which have approximately 4 million people.

Whether it's your first time to Italia or your 100th visit, a trip to Florence should always be on your travel plans to Italy.



What do you think of this article?  If you have any opinions, or have been to Florence, please feel free to leave a comment below.




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One of my favorite cities of all time is Florence! Thanks for the post.


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