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Written by Franco Borelli, guest author   

Milan car rental advice

Milan is the home of worldly pleasures; the shopping, opera houses and nightlife draw you in to its culture. The historical and modern points of interest can begin with a historical Duomo di Milano, a beautiful Gothic cathedral then discover that Milan is the home of Italian fashion. If you compared Milan to Rome, Milan is urban and modern where Rome is traditional and historical. Milan has historical landmarks like Castello Sforzesco a magnificent medieval castle or the Brera art gallery where you can find some of the finest artistic pieces in Europe.


A good way to experience the real Milanese lifestyle on your Italian holiday is to rent a car in Milan because you will be mobile and able to visit the sights of Milan in your own time. Creating your own itinerary you can take your time visiting the Pirelli tower or the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle the ancient and glamorous shopping mall.

You'll be able to visit  the fine shops, parks and many old churches. The many parks in Milan display beautiful greenery of relaxing and peaceful; there are so many sights to see in this cosmopolitan city. Enjoy the city on your time cruising around in your rental visiting shops, restaurants and museums.

There is so much to see in Milan, you do not have only visit the historical aspects there is the Museo d'Arte Paolo Pini that carries a contemporary art gallery collection. You cannot visit Milan and not go to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.

milan-view-of-cityx250Traveling around Milan in a rental automobile opens so many doors. You witness such a mix of old traditional historical places like the Duomo and then you have all the modern buildings, art and the Cimitero Monumentale one of Milan's old cemetery is in a neoclassical style.

Going through the streets of Milan in your rented car allows you to visit the many places like driving down to the Via Dante a fashionable high street there are many sights like the city castle, street vendors and outdoor cafe table.

Sipping an espresso watching the many people of Milan going about their daily tasks, anyone who would like to visit Milan can do it at a leisurely pace. Take a casual pass by the many parks and gardens as the Sempione park that sits right behind the Sforzesco castle or the Giardini pubblici the public gardens which began in the 18th century.

Parking in Milan

The only disadvantage is that parking in the center of Milan can be very difficult.  And it can be expensive to use the garage.  Make sure you do not let a parking attendant in a uniform take your car to a garage, unless they are authorized by your hotel. It is best to drive it directly to the authorized garage.

Day trips from Milan

The advantage of renting a car in Milan is that you will be able to visit some of the places in the Lakes Region of Italy, which is a short 45 minute drive north of Milan.  Some of these beautiful places include Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, etc.

There are also many cities outside of Milan that by having an auto will give you an opportunity to see, namely the cities of Turin (via highway A4), and Bologna, an old university city with a lot of culture.  And for extended weekend trips, there is Florence and Rome to the south (use highway A7).

Skiing in Italy

From Milan, you can also visit the Alps, a mountain chain in northern Italy that has some excellent ski resorts.

Where to pick it up

The two main airports of Malpensa (MXP) and Linate (LIN) are served by all the major agencies.  They are both outside the main city, and well connected by major roads including the "tengenziale" which is a highway that rings around the city.


AutoEurope has been renting cars in Italy and all over Europe for many years and has a good reputation, and good reviews.

Enjoy the great city of Milan and its nearby attractions and have a wonderful holiday!



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0 #2 Addicted2Italy 2012-11-19 11:06
hi Nelly,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree, Milan is definitely a place that you will never forget. It is great for walking, but there are some things in Milan that can be easily accessed by car.

Have a great day!
0 #1 Nelly Bradford 2012-11-19 05:14
Milan is an unforgettable place for me. I once aimlessly wandered around its street for the sole purpose of experiencing the country's culture. I love walking yet I know it's more convenient owning a vehicle so I took the initiative to get a car and from an auto auction in Brisbane. a

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