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Written by Meri Howard, guest blogger   
Sunday, 08 July 2012 17:50

If you are visiting the Lakes Region of Italy, you made a good choice because it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country.

Here are some day trips from the Lakes Region that you may want to consider:

Ferry Trip to Locarno

locarno-switzerland-day-tripIn the summertime you can take a day trip to Locarno (pictured right), Switzerland on a ferry that starts in Arona andstops at little towns on Lago Maggiore. You have lunch on the ferry served Russian service with whitetablecloth and napkins where the waiter dishes out and serves your food. After lunch you spend a coupleof hours in Locarno, get back on the ferry and return back to Arona. It is a beautiful trip and quiteinexpensive.

Mottarone and Gignese

Mottarone is a mountain between Lago di Orta and Lago Maggiore. From the top is a 360-degree view ofthe Lake District and the Alps. In summer it's an optimum place for picnicking or hiking and in winter it's a ski resort. To get to Mottarone, the best way is to take the cable car (from Stresa Lido) or take a car up the picturesque Borromea road from Stresa through the rolling hills that overlook the lake. Gignese is also located between the two lakes. The town was the center of the umbrella industry. The only museum in the world of the umbrella and parasol is there and worth a visit.

Parco Nazionale della Val Grande

Parco Nazionale della Val Grande is like entering a world that hasn't changed since the 19th Century. When you get off the main road and enter the park, you will drive and drive what seems like an eternity on a road that gets smaller and smaller until it is only large enough for one small car to go at a time. Finally,you will come to a small village wear old ladies carry wood in a large carrier on their backs like they havedone for centuries. There are amazing hiking trails that you can choose from this remote location. To getto the park, take the A26 to Gravellona Toce and follow the signs to the park.

Hike through the Monferrato Vineyards

There are many hikes through the vineyards of Monferrato and most are very easy. They are marked tohelp you see the way. There are 40 trails to choose from. While you are at Casale Monferrato, stop at thehistoric synagogue. The synagogue was constructed in 1595 and is one of the few still standing in Piemonte. You can find it in Vicolo Salmone Olper.  This is the Jewish quarter of Casale Monferrato.

The Lakes are easily accessed from Milan.

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