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Written by Larry Aiello   
Monday, 17 December 2012 13:52

Christmas is always a good time to spend time with the family, and if you are thinking of traveling this holiday season, you definitely should consider spending your Christmas in Rome. This Italian city absolutely has more than enough to offer, and you are sure to have one of the best holidays ever. Whether with friends, family or just traveling on your own, here are some of the things and places that you should not miss as spend your most-awaited holiday vacation.

Christmas Market at Piazza Navona

Holidays are always about gift-giving and shop-till-you-drop sprees. You're in luck this Christmas especially if you are in Rome, since you are just about to enjoy one of the city's highlights - the Christmas Market held every December at Piazza Navona. You will surely feel the Christmas ambiance as you shop around and enjoy the festive spirit at every corner. If you're with kids, they will definitely enjoy the merry-go-round, Babbo Natale and the Father Christmas, as well as the huge nativity scene featured at the background.

Saint Peter's Square

Aside from the life-size Christmas tree that you can find here, a colorful parade is also held here every 13th of December in memory of Santa Lucia Day, so be sure not to miss that one, too.

Visit the churches and take some time to worship.

Rome is obviously known for its many churches - Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria Aracoeli and Saints Cosma and Damiano, to name a few. Christmas in Rome also highlights the Pope's midnight mass at the Saint Peter's Basilica.

Check out the 100 Nativity Scenes Exhibition

This popular exhibition happens at the Piazza del Popolo, where you can find and enjoy 100 antique pieces from all over the world, as well as various nativity scenes made by the finest craftsmen of Italy. This event remains open until the 6th of January, so you might want to include this on the latter part of your itinerary.

Go on ice skating in Rome

The winter season is also well-presented by ice-skating, and your Christmas in Rome won't be complete without experiencing it. Starting December 1st, ice skating rinks are open to the public with no entrance fee, and you'll only have to pay for a small fee for the skates. This is definitely another good way to have some quality time with your family or friends.

Take the kids to the XVII Golden Circus Festival

Rome will be hosting the 27th edition of this enchanting festival, and your kids will surely have a great time wandering around. The festival will feature world-class performers such as rope artists, fire eaters, magicians, clowns and many more. This festival is obviously not just for kids, but even for the adults who are young at heart, too!

As you can see, spending Christmas in Rome is as exciting and as fun as it can be. You will never run out of activities to do and places to go to. And don't forget to indulge on Christmas sweets and yummy treats such as torrone, pandoro and panettone. The holiday season is never complete without satisfying your sweet tooth!

Below is an image of Rome during the holiday season:

A picture of a Christmas tree in Rome, Italy



0 #7 Villa Italy 2013-09-12 07:46
Italy is one of the best place for spending holidays and enjoyment. It has beautiful villas and rental apartments which makes our holiday more special.
0 #6 Addicted2italy 2012-12-31 19:07
Hi Agnieszka

Thanks for posting. Yes, Rome is awesome this time of year during the holiday season. I miss it all the time! :-)

+1 #5 Agnieszka 2012-12-31 16:32
Sounds like a perfect Christmas to me. I love Christmas markets, they make you feel amazing. Missing Rome a lot :)
0 #4 Addicted2italy 2012-12-21 00:03
Yes, there is a lot to do in Rome during Christmas Time. thanks for the post

+1 #3 Accommodation Tuscan 2012-12-20 13:05
Christmas in Rome, Hey That is very beautiful idea for me, Because Rome is full of fun in full year but in Christmas time We will get more fun.
0 #2 Addicted2italy 2012-12-18 12:21
Hi Nadine, yes Rome is a great city to visit during the holiday season. It comes to life with all the Christmas trees around the city. And all the great shopping that takes place too.
thanks for posting!
0 #1 Nadine@GoowaiItali 2012-12-18 10:58
Christmas in Rome is just awesome! I still can remember the beautiful lights and gigantic Christmas trees decorated around the city and the Piazzas. The best part on that trip is seeing the beautiful city from the balcony of your hotel room.

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