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Sunday, 18 August 2013 17:07

A healthy pasta dishI started Pilates as a result of ongoing, long term back problems which resulted in prolapsed discs. I used Pilates to rehabilitate myself as an alternative to the surgery that was recommended by the specialist who treated me. Whilst it is not always the case, for me, Pilates helped to strengthen and stabilize my body enough to reduce the prolapse discs and avoid surgery.

From my personal experience, and now my professional experience as a teacher, I think that Pilates is extremely effective to both rehabilitate and prevent injury. It is a mind and body exercise method, so can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. I have had reports of very quick results from clients, but the key is really to stick at it and give it time, the body takes a while to unlearn all it's bad habits, it should really be a method for life.

A group class of Pilates in ItalyGoing on a Pilates holiday really gives you the opportunity to practice in a more intense way than is possible in every day life. Normally you would attend 1 maybe 2 classes a week which obviously means it takes longer to realize the benefits. On a Pilates holiday you can really speed up your progression with the method.

A Pilates holiday is ideal for total beginners as sometimes it can take a while to learn when only attending one class a week. Equally, more advanced learners can really get to grips with the more difficult moves that maybe they don't have time to practice when at home. I normally teach mixed ability classes anyway, so it is not a problem to have different levels exercising at the same time. There is also opportunity for private lessons, so again the learning can be intensified and adapted to specific needs.

What I also enjoy about Pilates holidays in Italy is that I've encountered the Italian food philosophy which emphasizes healthy eating habits and cookery lessons. Italian cuisine is among the healthiest in the world as it is always based on fresh, unprocessed ingredients, olive oil and natural herbs. This is vital to the Italian philosophy of la bella figura which is exactly that - a way of eating healthy but yet very tasty to maintain a healthy and beautiful body!

About the Author

Catherine is a fully qualified Pilates instructor and you can find her teaching at Flavours Holidays, in Italy. She is also very passionate about healthy Italian food and Italian cuisine.

Practicing Pilates on the Beach in Italy


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