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Street Vendor in Palermo Sicily Selling Soap | Print |  E-mail
Written by Larry Aiello   
Monday, 14 October 2013 16:25

This is a recent picture I took on my trip to Palermo, Sicily last month. I call this the "Beverly Hill Billies" of soap vending. Actually, there are many vendors like this selling all types of products including foods such as fish and bread along with toys and everything else under the sun.

And what's funny about these vehicles is that usually the driver has a microphone and is yelling throughout the neighborhood as he drives on by: "Detergents, two euros each, three for five euros"! Much to the chagrin of many residents, some of them start pretty early in the morning. In my aunt's neighborhood in Palermo I often hear fish vendors driving by around 7 AM.

These are three-wheeled vehicles manufactured by Piaggio and there are various popular "Ape" models that are available. They do not travel at high speeds and are used for light, commercial and industrial purposes.

This was taken while my cousin was driving in central Palermo and I was a passenger in the car. You can see the moped on the left trying to get around us and another car on the right. As you can see it is very chaotic, as well as dangerous, to drive in crowded Italian cities.

You can also see a garbage receptacle on the right where the Palermitani go to dump their household trash. A little tougher to see on the top right - some clothes drying from a balcony. The answer is yes, they do have clothes dryers in Italy, but the electricity is very expensive so most people prefer to hang them out to dry.

This picture gives a nice glimpse of typical street-life in Palermo. Even though this was taken in Palermo, it could have well been any number bigger, southern Italian towns like Naples or Catania.

Soap Vendor in Palermo Selling Goods on a 3-Wheeler




0 #1 Ashaa 2013-11-06 16:24
They selling various items. But most of products are not quality products. No product compnay / address, expiration data etc :-x

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