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Written by Thomas Alling   
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 12:17

Even though English is spoken all over the world, it does not mean that it is the most popular language. It is interesting to learn that English is only spoken as a first language by about five percent of the world’s population. It stands to reason that learning a new language can broaden your horizons. You will have access to more career opportunities and personal experiences. It truly does pay to learn a new language. Here are the top five reasons why you should begin your studies immediately.

1. Broaden Your Understanding

When you study a foreign language, you simultaneously learn about a culture that is not your own. You begin to appreciate a culture that you are unfamiliar with. This appreciation leads to a deeper understanding of other people. You begin to empathize with people on a global perspective. It is virtually impossible to learn a new language without dedicating at least part of your studies to the people who speak that language and the culture in which they were raised.

2. Better Your Language Skills

English is your first language, but do you speak it properly? Studies have shown that when people study a foreign language, they almost assuredly develop a broader understanding of their native one. Your English vocabulary and grammar skills will improve through the need to translate words and phrases into another language.

3. Employability

When you learn another language fluently, you automatically increase your employability. Today’s marketplace is a global one. It is no longer enough to work within your own community, state, or even country if you hope to get ahead. If you are looking for employment in today’s economy, learning a second language will give you a leg up. Imagine being able to tell a potential employer that yes, you are bilingual. Knowing a second language can also open you up for promotion and transfer opportunities that would have previously passed you by.

4. Understanding Your Culture

There is often no better way to understand your own culture than to look at it through a fresh lens. When you study another language, and thereby another culture, you gain a different perspective of your own culture. You begin to question things and step outside of your stereotypes. Studying a foreign language is often the best way to develop a deeper understanding of the culture that you were born into. You’ll find your new take on your own culture to be profound.

5. Traveling

There is little doubt that you can hop aboard a plane and travel to another country whether or not you speak that country’s language. You can tour a country hoping to find others who speak your language or find signs written in your native tongue, or you can travel like a local, deeply immersing yourself in the culture of the land. When you encounter a language barrier during your travels to a foreign land, it can be mildly frustrating or it can be dangerous. When you understand the language, you are better able to enjoy your travel experience.

There are a variety of reasons to take the time to learn a new language. Whether you hope to be able to travel to an often dreamt of land or you want to make yourself more employable, learning a foreign language is the answer. Never think that you cannot learn a foreign language as an adult. Research has shown that with the right materials and dedication to study, anyone can learn multiple languages. If you have been thinking of expanding your linguistic skills, there is no better time to begin than today.




Thomas Alling works as a Project Manager at Argo Internet AS.

He has been working with internet marketing and helping businesses succeed online for roughly 15 years now.



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