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Spiedini Siciliani - Sicilian Skewers | Print |  E-mail
Spiedini Sicliani

800 grams of meat cutlets - 2 or 3 per spiedini and makes about 7 skewers
200 grams of bread crumbs
1 White Onion - Cut in pieces
Pine Nuts
Fresh Parsley
150 grams pecorino grated cheese
50 grams reggiano parmeggiano cheese
4 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Prosciutto - cut into cubes or use bacon
Bay leaves

Sicilian Spiedini - also known as Sicilian Skewers RecipeMix all the dry ingredients together in a cup and add salt and pepper. Add small pieces of pecorino.

Roll all the ingredients together placing the meat cutlets into your hand, squeeze and roll into a ball and then close the points. Take a long skewer and stick it through the meat and then place the onion next and then use the bay leaf and then meat, onion and bay leaf again.

Place a pan covered with olive oil. Then put the bread crumbs on the skewers. Cook about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Then you can sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. To accompany the skewers, you can also put in potatoes, onions with some rosemary in the pan while the skewers are cooking.



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