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Written by Larry Aiello   
Sunday, 28 October 2012 15:04

With views of the Mediterranean, Mount Etna, Calabria and the beautiful Sicilian countryside, a visit to the Greek-Roman theater in Toarmina is a must-see destination if you are planning a vacation in Sicily.

It is the second-largest theater in Sicily, the largest being in the southern port town of Siracusa.

Originally it was built as a teatro Greco, or from the Greek period. The Romans later rebuilt it, which took decades to complete, and thus shows its Roman influence with its brick construction.

It measures 120 meters in diameter (larger than an American football field) and about 20 meters high. The theater has 3 main sections, one for the orchestra, one for the scene and one for the cavea.

Today it is currently used for opera, concerts and theatrical performances.

Photo Credit: Enrico Rubicondo

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